Winter activities

Winter activities

Winter vacation in Bad Hofgastein offers boundless possibilities

Snow shoeing

Crunching snow under the feet. Freshness, clear wintery air in deep-snow-covered natural landscape. It goes by woods whose trees are covered with thick, white coats, past iced up stream courses and sunny clearings.

If you may, it also goes up – along mountain slopes, the unique view enjoying. And completely without noise. Yes nearly silently. Discover Gastein of his nicest side with the snowy shoe walking.

The movements help skilled tips of a guide to learn fast by the deep snow and the snowy shoe walking requires no special foreknowledge.

Guided tours? At the Sendlhof of course!

With our hiking guide Christian, Sendlhof guests will always be free to go hiking on tuesdays and thursdays with the snowshoes - or you will discover the beauty of the low-snowy Gastein valley during winter hiking.



With red cheeks and according to whooping with joy it goes down the snowy roadway. „From the road, from the road!“ one hears the down coming sledge drivers shouting. With the common sledge whether at time of day or nighttime, lies stehts pleasure and exuberance in the air.

The sledges in the Gasteiner valley offer many variations. The natural toboggan runs of three places make available differently long distances. According to toboggan run are possible for drive with the lift, stop possibility or atmospheric illuminated sledges at night.

natural toboggan runs in Gastein

Bad Gastein

Nature sledge trail  Bellevue-Alm, length 2,5 km (illuminated),
Get up to Bellevue-Alm via chairlift, also on the evening.

Daily open from: 10.30 a.m. - 05.00 p.m. & 06.00 p.m. - midnight
(last Valley drive 11.30 p.m.)

adults whole ticket € 6,50 - only one direction € 4,50
Kids ( 7–12 years) whole ticket € 4,50 - only one direction € 3,50
Kinder bis 6 Jahre frei - Leihrodel € 4,–
More Information: Tel. +43-6991-8288-802

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Bad Hofgastein

Nature sledge trail Aeroplan, length 3.300 m
Start: Aeroplanstadl, Fin: Haitzing (Reiterhof)
Get up to the middle station Kitzstein via Schlossalmbahn,
and arrive after a short walk at Aeroplanstadl

Open times: Only when there is enought snow! Daily from 8.00 a.m. - 04.00 p.m.

All Informations: +43-6432-8603 or 6455
Prices: € 10,-- for adults, € 7,-- ffor Kids
Rent a sledge: € 6,-- ; +43-6432-8603 or 85044

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Ice skatting & curling at Alpen Arena

Balance practise. On the wonderful art skating place (1000 m ²) in the heart of Bad Hofgastein the skids can be put with atmospheric atmosphere in the ice. Fun factor for Small and Largely is guaranteed.

Skating shoes can be lent directly on site.

In the Alps arena bath Hofgastein, skating arena, free entry!
Who can test rather firm footwear in the ice preferentially his talent on one of 3 curling stone roads, beside the skating place. Whether in the group or in the single duel – with the curling it is a matter of finding out the right trick and of collecting possibly many points.

Daily: Skating place & curling
The Alps arena – daily open!

Your Sendlhof Plus
The Alps arena is in close vicinity of the Sendlhofs.
Only 5 walking minutes in the centre!

Horse-drawn carriage rides

The horses, who pull the heavy sledge by the snowy winter scenery; breath out hot steam. A winter fairy tale becomes true. In thick covers wrapped one takes pleasure in the passing, deep-snow-covered Gasteinertal.

Daily: Horse-drawn carriages in Bad Hofgastein

From 04.00 p.m. from Lacknerbauer to Angertal.
registration: Thomas Pichler, Hoissing,
Tel.: +43-6649-9948-24

Daily from Bad Hofgastein to Bad Bruck and back
in the morning and afternoon
registration: Familie Wallner, Dimlinghof
Tel.: +43-643-2720-3

Daily diffrent routes possible, for instance: Grubhof-Planitzengut
registration: Jausenstation Grubhof
Fam. Stuhler
Tel.: +43-6502-6124-15

Winter activities