Vital Quell pur treatments

Vital Quell pur treatments

Our Sendlhof Wellbeing Treatments

Gasteiner Radon bath

The Gasteiner thermal water is enriched with natural Radon
and has a positive effect on the skin and the respiratory tract
as well as the movement apparatus!

Radon - underwater massage

Ideal for spine and joint problems! Through the
boost in warm water, the body becomes almost weightless
and the Radon also has a pain-relieving effect. The
treatment is completed with a pressure jet massage.


Health from the sea: by mineral salts, iodine
and the seaweed pack acts in the waterbed
applied to the body purifying, firming
& metabolic stimulating.

Mud package in the floatation bed

A real classic among the soothing applications!
The unique effect of the curative mud provides a
warm up of the tissue layers, the muscles
relax and that leads to a deep wellbeing!

Body peeling with salt and oil

The soothing peeling in the floatation bed cleans thoroughly
and makes the skin smooth and supple.

Head and neck massage

This wonderfully relaxing massage is a real pleasure.
We‘ll set your head free again!

Classic part- or full body massage

Let yourself fall. From us come new
life, energy & vitality!


The gateway to revitalization! By pressure point
stimulation tension in the body are released at the
reflex zones and harmonize the whole organism.

Lymphatic drainage

New strength for your immune system!
The filter and cleansing function of the lymph nodes
will be supported.

Relaxation massage with aromatic oil

The little lightning holiday for the body: the mix
from warm oil & energy work solves tension of
muscles and the spine!

Hot Stone Massage

Warmth does well. A relaxing massage
with hot lava stones. Give your body a special
wellbeing and incomparable relaxation.

Shiatsu (not possible at the moment!)

A pure bit of luck: the connection between
traditional acupressure and modern massage techniques
leads you into your own little relaxation oasis.
Dissolves tension and drives away fatigue from the body!
Please appear in comfortable, light clothes (T-shirt, jogging trousers)
Vital Quell pur treatments