Vital Quell Treatments

Vital Quell Treatments

Feel that the moment does not see. Feel what is original. And i will be conscious. For a short moment or for all eternity. And arrive in the present.

Cure with Wellbeing Factor

At the beginning there was water. Plenty of water.

And with it the unending lightness of being. What happened to this wellbeing that came out of eternity? This neverending story of evolution? Experience in our thermal water enriched with Radon a "Back to the roots," a return into the lap of the earth, which activates the body's own healing powers. The multiple factor of the Radon water reduces chronic inflammation and allergies on the body and causes longlasting pain relief. Wherever we turn ourselves, we end up with water. And suddenly something in us remembers a time when the world has turned a little bit slower ...

  • Partner of the Gasteiner Heilstollen
  • Own Radon baths applications in the hotel
  • Legally recognized therapy
  • Eligible for Austrian and German health insurance
  • Indications: Morbus Bechterew, Chronic Polyarthritis, Arthroses, Spinovertebral syndrome, respiratory illnesses, stabilizing the immune system
  • With Kneipp-course, massages, Radon baths, floating bed, cosmetics by Gertraud Gruber

Vital Quell "All-in-One"

300sqm Vital-Oasis – the new spa offers at the Sendlhof: The classic Gastein cure in a new, ritual sequence, based on the seven pillars: Beauty, Life Balance, Vitality, AQUA VITALIS, Nature, Nutrition and Health.

Vital Quell Treatments