Health pure

Health pure

Wellness holiday Austria and the wellness hotel Sendlhof in Bad Hofgastein are always inseparable.

Wellness holiday Austria

Relaxing, strengthening, refreshing.

At the beginning there was water. In Bad Hofgastein and in the wellness hotel Sendlhof the Gasteiner thermal water. And then it became SPA. Sanitas per aquam. And now our spa and wellness area AQUA VITAILS is over 1.100sqm. And offers you everything what your wellness heart desires.

We are less interested in spa treatments every half hour. But a holistic feeling of wellness holidays in Austria. Wellbeing, relax in the spa hotel Salzburg – the Sendlhof. Peace. Silence. Releasing what plagues and irritates us. Just simply shut out everyday life. The wellness vacation in Austria shall just be so. Relaxing, strengthening, refreshing.

Wellness holiday: Hear, see, taste, smell & feel

Hear, see, taste, smell & feel. And perhaps as 6th sense WELLbeing? In the wellness holiday Sendlhof you will expire an Austrian wellness holiday for the senses of a special kind.

Let’s start with the hearing:

Birdsong in the 7.500m² large park garden, a light breeze that rustles through the trees and the sound of water in the thermal water pool.

Then we come to the seeing:

The beautiful AQUA VITALIS world at the spa hotel Sendlhof with sauna lounge, rock-pool, new beauty and massage area, and of course the visual feast from the breakfast up to the dinner at the spa hotel Salzburg Sendlhof.


It continues with the excellent cuisine in your spa holiday. Many pleasures bring every palate to vibrate!

And then smell:

The nature, which laughs into the rooms through the windows and pampers you in your wellness holiday with its fragrances. The fresh baked bread as well as the cappuccino at breakfast and the just-mowed grass in the park garden produce a fragrance cloud of sensations that make any holiday to a spa vacation.

You can taste and feel:

in your Austrian spa holidays at the spa hotel Salzburg – in the Sendlhof, every day from dawn to dusk! Walk with your bare feet through the park, let the water trickle through your fingers at the own thermal pool, and and and!

Health Trainer

Active and Passive. Two contrasts bringing your heart and your circulation into top form. But not only has the modern person to move because of his physical health.

More oxygen reaches the brain and the ideas flow faster.

Even for the "mental fitness", it runs better if active programs appear on the agenda. More oxygen reaches the brain and the ideas flow faster. Our health trainer provides different active programs for your optimal balance to our daily life.

Forever fit on our exercise euipment for fat burning and cardiovascular

  • Active awakening
  • Track training
  • Stretching
  • Belly-Backside-Legs-training
  • Spinal gymnastics
  • Hydro-Power
  • Aqua-Jogging

In Summer:

  • Back to the boots - hiking in Gastein
    Feel - Experience - Enjoy
    With our mountain guide Christian you discover the most beautyful places of Gastein. From May till October (Monday till Saturday). Every Tour costs € 15,- incl. (boarder) local specialities of the alps. No Hiking charge for children until 12 years (in escort of their parents).

  • Mountain biking:
    discover the National Park Hohe Tauern 6 times a week by guided bike tours with

  • Golf:
    As the Golf parnter we garante:
    • 25% Greenfee – bonus
    • 3x Greenfee
    • reservation of the playtimes
    • as well as our Golf- & Enjoyment Package

and in Winter:

  • Cross Country Skiing:
    • entrance 100 m from the hotel
    • Equipment rent partner
    • Cross Country Skiing Package with lots of interesting activities

  • Snow Shoeing:
    • Professional tips and a personal guide will help you to find the right movement in the snow
    • Every Tuestday: Snow Shoing on a nature trail from 01:00 p.m. to 04:00 p.m. (service charge)

  • Ski touring:
    • The heart knocks loudly, the breath goes fast. The cold air fills the lungs and ventilates the head. With the ski on the feet it goes towards uphill – to the summit. Ski tours go pleased for themselves to rising popularity and particularly in the mountains Gasteins
    • For unskilled tour walkers it is advisable to undertake a controlled tour. Guides of the ski schools of Gasteins are available to you with pleasure.
    • Sendlhof - Special:
      from € 150,-- (a half day)
      or € 250,--(a whole day)
      tours with a privat guide; up to 10 participates !

Which brings us at last to the WELLbeing at the spa hotel Salzburg Sendlhof: Just enjoy with all your senses spa holiday in Austria!

Health pure