Gasteiner Thermalwater

Gasteiner Thermalwater

fontain of youth Gasteiner Valley

Our Healing water

Power of the mountain

The Gasteiner thermal springs fulfil the conditions for the recognition as a healing water in two things manner: The temperature of utilisation lies between 36 – 40 degrees centigrade and the water exceeds concerning his salary in special ingredients with a Radon-222-Koncetration of 40. 0 nCi/l clearly the minimum value agreed for bath cures of 10 nCi/l. Besides the water distinguishes itself by approx. 0. 4 g / kg of relaxed firm materials (sodium, calcium, sulphate and Hydrogencarbonat ions and silicic acid)

A unique connection with healing power

The Gasteiner Valley and its inert gas Radon

The Gasteiner Valley gives body, mind and soul new energy. The remedies Gasteins are the worldwide unique remedial tunnel (Healing Galleries), the radon thermal water and the smoke bath. The most effective component is the inert gas radon, in his unique connection with warmth and height situation. The mild, natural radioactivity of the Gasteiner thermal water is exclusively positive for the body.

How does the body absorb the inert gas Radon?

After the admission about lung and skin radon quickly spreads in the body. Radon as well as his chance products release during and also a certain time after the treatment in very low dosage alpha radiation. These are not only the internal organs, but in particular the skin and the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract in which the immediate effects of the alpha particles originate.

What are the effects to the body?

These release in particular with chronically inflammatory illnesses in the body processes which influence the immune system positively. These become specific messenger's materials, so-called Zytokine and media gates, but also hormones and other biologically active metabolism products released. The sum of these varied and complicated effects on the body lead, in the end, to a long continuing relief of pain states.

Is there any dangerous on the radio activity of Radon?

Radon itself has retired after about 30 minutes half of it and after three hours almost completely again from the body. The noble gas radon affects exclusively positively the body.

Over thousands of years old and is gushing pure and clear to the surface, alive as ever: the thermal springs of Gastein.

Enriched with minerals and with natural Radon the thermal springs of Gastein develop a special healing effect. Through various influences of the Radon water onto the human body, chronic inflammations and allergies are reduced and effect a longlasting pain relief. Healing water ist just deep.

Even in our Aqua Vitalis wellness area the water of the thermal springs flows and regenerates your body and inspires your soul.


  • Morbus Bechterew
  • Chronic Polyarthritis
  • Arthroses
  • Spinovertebral syndrome

Gasteiner Thermalwater