Gasteiner Healing Galleries

Gasteiner Healing Galleries

Let the nature heal you

The Gasteiner Healing Galleries

Curative depths. Or health which comes literally from the mountain. A treasure which everybody takes for itself with to the surface. Since millenniums available, the teamwork of warmth, air humidity and radon proves an ideal health cocktail which is worldwide unique and is used as the most effective therapy-health resort means in Gastein.

After 2. 5 km of entrance in the Gasteiner Healing Galleries you can feel the healing power of the mountain, get to know and allow to work. Different therapy stations in the tunnel allow the individual treatment of every health resort guest. The Gasteiner Healing Galleries achieves sensational success with the treatment heavier of health problems.

The most important indications:

  • Morbus Bechterew
  • Chronische Polyarthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Degenerative spinal sufferings
  • Illnesses of the musculature
  • Breath way illnesses

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Gasteiner Healing Galleries