Summer for Families

Summer for Families

Vacations for all ages

Joy. Laugh. Be happy. Back to basic trust. Simply be a child. Together we are strong. Enjoy Together. And behind each smile lies the pleasure on a new adventure.

Family paradise in Bad Hofgastein

A paradise for all ages gastein

Water fun and nature adventures. Bright eyes and red cheeks. There is a lot to discover and explore in the adventure. Vacations for kids in the valley and at the Thermenhotel Sendlhof. Whether alone or with Mama and Papa on tour, "cool-at the-pool" or enthusiastic treasure hunters - Boredom is not guaranteed!

Kid's club Sendlhof

For our young guests we have at the Spa Hotel Sendlhof also a children’s playground with many opportunities to play around and rollick about. Or how is with a volleyball match with the parent or new friends? For who wants to train the ingenuity and the sense of balance we have taut a slackline in our huge garden at the Hotel Sendlhof.

Mini club in the Thermenhotel Sendlhof

A lot of funny games and video evenings for kids from 0 – 10 years (without supervision)

Youth room in the alpen domicil: 

  • Table tennis                  
  • Table soccer
  • 2 Playstation 3              
  • Audio system with MP3 and docking station
  • Detachable cinema room with flatscreen


At the Sendlhof Park games like football, badminton, volleyball, slackline, trampoline and children’s swing are offered which makes children’s heart leap for joy!

And while the adults are relaxing at the AQUA VITALIS wellness area, are the kids in good hands at the Gasti-Club. In summer, hunting for a scary castle ghost or baking bread at a hut, in Winter, on a medal course at the children's race - so there's plenty of action in every season, fun and relaxation for the whole family.

This is holiday in the Thermenhotel Sendlhof in Bad Hofgastein and many more

  • hiking program 
    Discover the most beautiful Places of Gastein with our mountainguide Christian from Mai to October! No hiking charge for children until 12 years!
  • Gasti-Kids-ID
    for numerous discounts during your Gastein holiday
  • Gastein Card
    guarantees added value during your summer vacation in Gastein Valley! Whether visiting a spa resort, taking advantage of our many opportunities for wellness and therapy, riding the mountain lifts, enjoying outdoor sports, visiting the casino, traveling on public transportation, and so many more holiday activities.
  • Gasti Kids Club: for children ages 4 to 12 - holiday experiences in Gastein valley.
  • Gasti Kids Program Summer 2014

Gastein simply offers you more for your money!

Gasti Kids Club

Gasti Kids Club for children ages 4 to 12

At the Gasti Kids Club there’s always something exciting going on.

And if you are a kid staying at the Thermenhotel Sendlhof,you can enjoy it all for free!
(The only charge is for lunch!)

At the Gasti Kids Club, which is open to children age four to twelve,there’s always something exciting going on.

You will set out with Gasti on a journey of discovery, and experience many an exciting adventure with Gastein valley’s new mascot.

More Information you will find here: Gasti Kids Club


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Gasti Kids Program


All Information you will find here: Gasti Kids Club


Packages inquiry now Online booking

The summer is colorful

Blue the sky, the yellow sun, the grass is green and the red strawberry ice cream! The Gasteiner Tal is presenting itself as colorful and varied to the whole family, too.

Hiking trails for all ages, mountain pastures, mountain lakes and plenty of opportunities to play around. Because everything plays itself on the mountains of Gastein: from the bizarre rock, the highest-suspension bridge in the world up to the Funcenter at the Stubnerkogel or the children's area on the Schlossalm. Discover everything on Gasteins Almorama!

In Gastein and its region are also many attractions to visit, eg. the traditional gold washing in Angertal, the ice caves in Werfen, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road - or how about a visit with serveral four-legged animals at the Wildlife park Ferleiten?

Summer for Families