event overview

event overview

Yogadays Gastein - Breathe the mountains

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21.05. until 01.06.2020 / in Gasteiner Valley

Rest, relaxation, and take you time
During the yoga days in Gastein a perfect vacation expects you for body, mind and soul. During 12 days a varied programme is offered to the participants in the heart of the Gasteiner mountain world.

"Mountains & Music" - BUM Festival

30.05. until 01.06.2020 / in Gasteiner valley

Mountains & Music
The successful combination of music programme and travelling programme becomes frames from the unique mountain scenery of the Gasteiner valley. All friends of the folk music should on no account miss this event.

alp roses feast

05.06.2020 / Bergsteigerheim

Musical company
In the alp rose party in Bad Hofgastein folk music lovers come at her expense. Concert of the Kameradschaftskapelle Bad Hofgastein. From 8.00 pm dance, entertainment with the group "Five Friends" and choice of the Almrosenqueen!

Solstice imagination

19. until 21. of June 2020 / Gastein valley

Mountains on fire
The mountains illuminated with fires of the Gasteinertals offer a unique sight and atmosphere! The Stubnerkogelbahn in Bad Gastein runs from 6 pm to 11 pm Special highlight: fire yards & fire show! The Fulseck summit in Dorfgastein is also open from 6 pm to 10.30 pm. In Bad Hofgastein will be a musical side program: on friday from 8 pm and on sunday 11 am.

Adidas Infinite Trail

25. bis 28. june 2020 / Alpenarena

(Kopie 7)

Top-class trail running teams from all over the world fight for the world championship title!

At the adidas Infinite Trails WCH, 3 trail runners start as a team relay. Each runner has to complete one of three laps in the Gastein mountain scenery. 3 different routes are available: 25km / 1900hm - 57km / 3400hm - 40km / 2100hm. The relay runners cover the last kilometer together in order to finish as a team.

Stone pine magic at Graukogel

05.07.2020 / at Graukogel

Stone pine festival

A unique feature is the two-to three-hundred year old pine near the mountain station, which is still in this idyllic landscape with breathtaking views over the Gastein valley.

Traditionell stone pine festival at the Graukogel with program:

- guided stone pine hinking
- kidsprogram from 11:30 am
- concert of the Knappenmusikkapelle Böckstein from 11:30 am

Hiking circuit day

28.06. - 20.08.2020 / Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel

From summit to summit!
In the Hiking days this is offered to travellers what is possible otherwise only in winter - to get from one mountaintop via cable car to the next. Special offers allow on these days the journey from the Stubnerkogelbahn to the Senderbahn and to the Kaserebenbahn. 28.06., 11.07., 17.07., 28.07., 05.08., 15.08., 20.08.

Farmer's Market

every thursday, 9 o'clock in the Alpenarena

Gastein Food
Local peasants offer delicious specialities for sale, such as a variety of regional products like: cheese, butter, bread, bacon, fish, sweets etc.


24.07. until 02.09.2020

Art in Bad Gastein

The art and culture festival sommer.frische.kunst attracts visitors from all over the world! Bad Gastein has always been a place of high culture and a center of attraction for artists and culture lovers. Let yourself be inspired!

Foto: Werner Gritzbach


03.07. bis 28.08.2020 / Gasteinertal

(Kopie 12)

At summer.jazz.in.the.city, the spectrum of artists ranges from world jazz with influences from Indian music to songwriting meets fingerstyle or German-Turkish oriantal jazz and of course many other facets - but always mindful of summer in jazz -Hear to play!

Guided Climbing Tours

09.07. until 27.08.2019 / every Tuesday

Climbing at the Schlossalm
From the beginner to the expert trail, it‘s all here. Guided tours every Tuesday (daily by appointment) from july 9th to august 27th 2019. Price per tour for children € 45,- with Gastein Card € 43,- and for adults € 70,- wit Gastein Card € 67,- (all tours incl. guide and equipment). Registration required. Infos and registration: Alpinschule Angerer Tel.: +43 (0) 664 20 29 793 / E-Mail: info@ski-alpinschule.at


Night of tradition

28th of septemeber / Kursaal, Bad Hofgastein

Get to know local traditions
It dance, customs and traditions groups from the Gasteiner valley sing and make music.
Entry: with Gastein Card 8€, without Gastein Card 10€,-

Day of Gold

19.07.2020 / Sportgastein

Everything about the Tauern Gold
To commemorate their gold-mining tradition the people of Gastein celebrate the ‘Day of Gold’ in Sportgastein. The programme includes musical performances and golden fun for children as well as interesting information on gold-mining and gold-washing. The Goldberg lift operates all day.


11.07. until 22.08.2019

From the 11.07. until 27.08.2019 every thursday there is music, dancing and entertainment in the pedestrian area of ​​Bad Hofgastein and the shops are open until 10pm on these evenings.


13.07.2019 / Alpenarena

The feast of nations
Food, drink, music and dance of different local populations. 15 nations present their culture, food and drink!

In bad weather in the Kursaal

Time: 15:00 o'clock

Dorffest 2019

03. & 04.08.2019

The village is dancing
On the first weekend in August, the 37th village festival takes place with the motto: "The village dances - 50 years of traditional folklore group Dorfgastein" in Dorfgastein. Also for the youngest attractions are offered, bouncy castle, children's carousel and much more.

Blowing Heights

18.08.2019 at Fulseck

Folk musician hike
The Fulseck turns into a mountain full of music! Accompanied by the national cultural moderator Caroline Koller, the musical hike begins at Hauserbauers Gipfelstadel next to the mountain station of the Fulseck summit.

Traditional Alm Festival

10. until 11.08.2019 / Sportgastein

Celebrating in Sportgastein!
There is music everywhere at the traditional alm festival in Sportgastein and at the huts there are tasty treats. The Goldbergbahn in Sportgastein will be in operation from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm with program at middle station.


25.08. until 08.09.2019 / Alps of Gasteiner Valley

Classic at the alps
A special pleasure offers the Alp:Classic. On well-chosen huts can be indulged to delightful culinary and the classical music. Mountains and cows frame the whole event.

sunday, 25.08.2019: Grussbergalm

tuesday, 27.08.2019: Waldgasthof Angertal

tuesday, 03.092019: Fundner Heimalm

friday, 06.09.2019: Biberalm

sunday, 08.09.2019: Feldinghütte/Gadaunerer Hochalm

Large farmers market

Sunday / 01. September / Alpen arena Bad Hofgastein

Home made and regionally
Home made and all kinds of delightful titbit of the local farmers or from the local butcher. There are sausages and meat products, coarse rye bread, farm butter, fruit and vegetables, home made schnapps, liqueurs, remedies, flowers and a lot more.

Yogadays: Source of Inspiration

11. until 22.10.2019 / Gastein Valley

Feel the Inspiration
To pamper the body, inspire the spirit: a holistic holiday experience awaits you at the Yogaherbst Gastein!

National-musical alp wandering

Saturday / 08. September / Schlossalm

National-musical alp wandering

Right at the outset the participants will be conceived with a welcome melodie of the alp  blowers. During the jorney there are many alp huts with live music and culinary, which invite for a small break.


14. September / Sportgastein

Ca. 1.100 Schafe verlassen ihre Sommerweide im Nassfeld! Ein sehenswertes Spektakel für Groß und Klein.


Saturday / 28. september / Schmaranzgut

Brewery feast at Schmaranzgut
Fun, music and good mood expects the visitors in the brewery feast of the Schmaranzgut. Moreover, there is the possibility to tast diffrent sorts of beer, grill specialities and all kinds of titbit.